Houbie is the central hub of the population. 62 people currently live on Fetlar. In 2002, the Time Team visited and significant finds were documented (see video page to view the full episode).

Houbie Broch

An ancient broch site that is eroding… there are seven broch sites on Fetlar.


Hilaria Kirk

The remains of an ancient kirk. The structure on top is a sheep shelter, the original foundation wall of the kirk can be seen better from the air.

The Hjaltadans Stone Circle

This is the first aerial image taken of this site. The Hjaltadans can be found on Vord Hill; a famous trow story is whispered down the ages. Sometimes they are elusive when searching for them…

Sna Broch

Another ancient broch that is gradually disappearing into the sea. There is speculation that it was once a roman fort due to evidence of a fortified well. In 2017, we had a visit from local archaeologists; we hope they will return in 2019/2020 to take samples from the site with a view to a full-scale investigation of the site.

Tresta Beach

The award winning beach of Fetlar, flanked by the peninsula: Lamb Hoga.

The Heog

Situated on the ground behind the Fetlar hall, the highest point is known locally as the Captain’s Seat.