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stories found in books & papers

""Local tradition holds that in the 19th century a now-unidentified woman predicted a series of events that would precede the islands depopulation…” Version 1 There will be a mansion on the Ripples, soldiers on Vord Hill, a harbour in Papil Water and nothing but a shepherd and his dog.
Adam Grydehoj
Nothing But A Shepherd And His Dog: The Social and Economic Effects of Depopulation in Fetlar, Shetland

The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures Volume 2 Number 2 2008 p. 56-7

The team

Peter Dixon

Drone pilot & Photographer

“The photograph is never finished raw – straight from the camera; the real work goes on in the studio, enhancing and cleaning up the images.”

Avalina Kreska

Photographer, researcher & author

“I’m also interested in the story behind the images. Intrigued with the word: Papil, an investigation of the origins of the name led me to writing a Fetlar novel, ‘The AdderStane’ which I published in 2017!” Check the pages to find out more.

DJI Phantom


I’m ready to fly, with a multifunctional quad-rotor system, and customized H3-2D and H3-3D gimbal support. Precision flight and stable hovering with a maximum
25min flight time. I also feature auto return-to-home & landing.


Fetlar is the fourth largest of the Shetland Islands; full of mystery, ancient tales and folklore, it has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years. We decided to capture some of the areas of archaeological interest using cameras suspended from a kite; we then upgraded to a drone for more flexibility.

Sna Broch shows obvious signs of ancient habitation, but is under threat of erosion – we present you with some unique aerial photography and a video of the area. Haliara Kirk is also included, although the original foundations lie under a sheep cru.

We are the first to take aerial photos of Houbie Broch, Haliara Kirk site, The Hjaltadans, Aith, The Heog and Feal Burn. The award winning Tresta Beach/Bay and Papil Water are also featured on this site.

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